Woodbine Property Values: Key Factors Influencing Home Price

Exploring factors that influence Woodbine Calgary real estate prices reveals a compelling narrative for current and potential homebuyers. With an average listing price of $706,547, Woodbine Calgary homes for sale are navigating through a shifting market dynamics, displaying a move towards more balanced conditions despite a slight dip in average sold prices by 3% month-over-month, yet maintaining a 7% year-over-year growth.

The broader real estate scene in Calgary complements this trend, where despite rising interest rates, the average home price across the city has surged to $539,461, almost 10% higher than the previous year. This resilience in the face of economic headwinds, coupled with Calgary’s comparative affordability against other major Canadian cities, underscores the importance of understanding market trends and economic factors impacting real estate.

Location and Neighborhood Desirability

When considering Woodbine Calgary homes for sale, the location and neighborhood desirability play pivotal roles in influencing real estate prices. Here’s a breakdown of what makes Woodbine stand out:

  • Natural Beauty and Recreation: Calgary’s reputation for high livability is well-earned, with its natural beauty and ample outdoor recreational opportunities. Woodbine, nestled in the Southwest quadrant, is particularly appealing for its mature trees, parks, and proximity to golf courses, enhancing the quality of life for its residents.
  • Community Amenities: The neighborhood boasts a variety of local amenities, including:
    • Public Attractions: Unique attractions and beautiful area parks.
    • Schools and Transit: Nearby schools and convenient transit options.
    • Businesses and Associations: A vibrant local business scene and active community associations.
  • Property Value Influencers:
    • Median Property Value: As of 2017, the median assessed property value was $435,000.
    • School Proximity: Access to well-rated schools correlates with higher property values, driven by the demand for quality education.
    • Amenities and Transportation: Proximity to shopping centers, healthcare facilities, and ease of access to public transportation and major roads significantly impact desirability.

These factors collectively contribute to Woodbine’s attractiveness as a residential choice, reflecting in the real estate market dynamics.

Market Dynamics and Economic Factors

Exploring the market dynamics and economic factors reveals a fascinating insight into why Woodbine Calgary homes for sale are seeing such vibrant activity. Here are the key elements at play:

  1. Demand and Supply Imbalance:
    • Increased Demand: A surge in newcomers and a fast-paced market have put sellers in a dominant position.
    • Limited Supply: A lack of homes on the market is driving multiple offers on properties, often before open houses.
  2. Economic Influences:
    • Interest Rates: Despite higher rates, Calgary’s market benefits from its affordability compared to other cities.
    • Economic Growth: The energy sector, alongside a booming tech sector, contributes to job creation and, consequently, housing demand.
  3. Future Projections:
    • Affordability Concerns: Economists warn of potential affordability issues due to population growth and low housing inventory.
    • Robust Market: Predictions for 2024 favor sellers with moderate price growth, reflecting Calgary’s resilience and attractiveness to both locals and newcomers.

Understanding these factors offers a comprehensive view of the current state and future trajectory of the real estate market in Woodbine Calgary.

Property Specifics and Home Features

When you’re delving into Woodbine Calgary homes for sale, the specifics of the properties and their features significantly influence their appeal and value. Here’s a closer look:

  • Price Range and Availability:
    • Active Listings: 6
    • Highest Price: $799,990.00
    • Lowest Price: $569,900.00
    • Average Price: $706,547.67
    • New Listings (Last 7 Days): 4
    • New Listings (Last 14 Days): 9
  • Types of Homes:
    • Single Family Homes: 5
    • New Homes: 2
    • Days on Market: 11
  • Features Affecting Price:
    • Staycation Ready: $540K
    • Basement Equipped: $529K
    • Eco-friendly Features: $500K
    • Living Room Centric: $500K
    • Deck Availability: $550K
    • Gas Heating: $500K
    • Garage: $526K
    • Backyard: $519K
    • Perfect for Pets: $517K
    • Fireplace: $530K

This breakdown not only highlights the diversity in pricing and types of homes available in Woodbine but also showcases the various features that might sway your decision. Whether you’re looking for a new construction with modern amenities or a single-family home that’s perfect for pets, the Woodbine real estate market caters to a broad spectrum of preferences and needs, making it easier than ever to find a home that feels just right.

Future Development and Infrastructure

As Woodbine Calgary homes for sale continue to attract attention, future development and infrastructure projects are pivotal to understanding the neighborhood’s potential. Here’s what’s on the horizon:

  • Ongoing Development Efforts: In areas like Renfrew, Calgary, revitalization efforts are pushing property values higher, indicating a trend that could influence Woodbine.
  • Infrastructure Enhancements:
    1. Public Transport: The introduction of The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).
    2. Broadband Services: Investments in expanding broadband services in Calgary enhance the city’s attractiveness for both residential and commercial investment.
  • Residential and Commercial Projects:
    • New Developments: Awareness of upcoming residential, commercial, or retail projects is crucial. For Woodbine, this could mean a shift in supply and demand dynamics, influencing property prices and availability.

These insights into future development and infrastructure underscore the importance of staying informed on potential changes within the Woodbine area, shaping the decision-making process for buyers and investors alike.


As we reflect upon the dynamics of Woodbine Calgary’s real estate market, it becomes evident that a variety of factors—ranging from location desirability and market dynamics to property specifics and future infrastructural projects—play a significant role in shaping the pricing and appeal of homes in this area. The insights gleaned underscore the vital role of understanding these elements, whether one is contemplating entering the market as a buyer or evaluating the long-term value of their investment. The emphasis on economic resilience, despite broader challenges, and the anticipation of future growth highlight Woodbine Calgary as a compelling choice for potential homebuyers.

Looking ahead, the evolving landscape of Woodbine Calgary’s real estate, influenced by infrastructural developments and the consistent allure of its amenities and lifestyle, presents both opportunities and considerations for prospective homeowners and investors. As the market continues to adapt to changing economic conditions and demographic shifts, staying informed and mindful of these trends will be crucial. The prospect of future development within the area holds the promise of enhancing Woodbine’s desirability further, making the understanding of these trends not just beneficial but essential for making informed decisions in Calgary’s vibrant real estate scene.


What is the projected trend for condo prices in Calgary?
The trend for condo prices in Calgary is upward, with the average selling price for a condo having increased by 13.8% year-over-year to $334,000 as of February 2024. Similarly, the average selling price for a townhouse/multiplex saw a significant rise of 17.0%, reaching $458,100 in the same period.

What factors are contributing to the boom in Calgary’s real estate market?
Calgary’s real estate market is experiencing a boom due to a steady inflow of migrants, which maintains strong housing demand despite higher lending rates. This demand is particularly robust for more affordable housing options. The city’s population is expected to increase by about 62 people per day over the next few years, further bolstering the market.

What is the outlook for Calgary’s real estate market in 2024?
The Calgary Real Estate Board’s annual forecast indicates that 2024 will continue to be a seller’s market, suggesting that property prices will likely experience further growth throughout the year.

Is it currently advisable to purchase a house in Calgary?
Given the record high rental prices, a shortage of rental apartments, favorable market conditions, solid economic fundamentals, and the long-term investment potential, now is considered an excellent time to invest in a house in Calgary.