The Story of Woodbine and Woodlands Calgary

Nestled in Calgary’s southwest, Woodbine and Woodlands stands as a testament to both historical richness and community spirit. From its historical landmarks to its vibrant community life, both Woodbine and Woodlands is a neighborhood that’s more than just a place to live — it’s also a place to belong.

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Denoon Residence

In the heart of Woodbine, hidden behind towering evergreens, lies the Denoon Residence. Built in 1951 by Ken Denoon, a third-generation cattle buyer, this cabin is a relic of rustic, western charm. Constructed with locally sourced Lodgepole Pine logs and featuring a large fireplace made of local fieldstone, the Denoon Residence marks a pivotal chapter in the evolution of what is now known as the modern-day Woodbine.

Rapid Growth

The land, along with the surrounding area, was annexed to the City in 1979, paving the way for the development of Woodbine. Today, Woodbine is characterized by its family-friendly atmosphere, proximity to natural parks like Fish Creek Provincial Park, and vibrant community life. Bordering Fish Creek Provincial Park, residents enjoy access to nature’s tranquility, while local retail stores and major shopping centers cater to their urban needs.

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Woodbine Today

Woodbine’s allure is not just in its community spirit but also in its seamless blend of natural beauty and urban convenience. Woodbine’s story is one of historical depth, communal warmth, and a harmonious blend of the natural and the urban. From the rustic charm of the Denoon Residence to the vibrant culture, Woodbine stands as a testament to what makes a neighborhood truly feel like home.

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